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Mini Photography Sessions for the Kids

Professional photos of your kids.

family photography

Have you ever wanted to entrust capturing your kids’ photographs to a professional photographer – but just never got around to it? Whether you’d really just love to have some pics that are higher res than your phone, or in fact have some beautiful images that you can print & actually hold, & can look at & enjoy for years to come, a mini photography session may be just what you want!

Consider a kids’ portrait mini photo session as a way to ‘dip your toes in the water’ & try out a professional photography session. If you have never experienced a full session of contemporary photography, or if you need the perfect way to regularly update your photos of those fast growing cherubs perhaps try a mini photo session !

Kids’ pics are one type of portraiture that we can’t put off til later.  Those fast growing limbs are not going to wait for us!  You only have to look back at their school photos to see that!

Mini sessions are fast, affordable, & you will have at least 3 images from your mini session.  Images that are professionally taken, styled, edited & can be archivally printed as stunning photographs at a professional lab for you.  Images that you will hold in your hands for ever.  Not only ever existing on usb, computer, or devices!  Your images can actually be photographs.


On location styling shoot – Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photography Sessions for portrait, website, product shoots.

A relaxed, garden-tea inspired set up for a portrait client’s special lifestyle photography session sets the scene for a beautiful on location styling shoot.

When photographing at my home studio our creativity and styling really come to the fore.  I have unique, stylish and contemporary props and set ups to create beautiful looks for portrait, website & socials, and product photography sessions.

Lifestyle photography sessions and styling shoots are a great way to lend your portrait session a relaxed vibe.  And a relaxed you means fabulous images!

Thanks to Original Occasion for the shimmery chandelier & tea lights – they caught the light beautifully, no doubt my client will shine!

To see some of the amazing photos from this lifestyle photography session click here.


Branding and Headshots – The Resumé Originated 5 Centuries Ago – But Times Are A Changing…

Personal Branding for Resumé & C.V.

Leonardo Da Vinci is accredited with the origin of the resumé.  And in this era of immediate visual communication, social media, & web presence, your C.V. is as crucial as ever. An engaging C.V. is your number one priority to make an impression and stand out in the job market.

Branding and Headshot Photographs

Professional branding and headshot photography is your key to success.  Online engagement demands professional images.

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.

They went out and happened to things.”         

                                                                                                   Leonardo Da Vinci

According to Forbes Magazine, times have changed in even the most recent past, and so too should your C.V.

Selling your personal brand.

Approaching your C.V. like a marketing document and selling your ‘personal brand’ is what it’s all about.

Your image, and how it represents your personal brand is as valuable in marketing yourself, as it is in business.

Including a professional photograph on your resumé adds value, and should give prospective employers or recruitment agents an accurate idea of who you are, how you want to be perceived, and what the experience of working with you might be like.

Sound like a big ask from a photograph?

With a Masters in Business Communications and as an accredited professional photographer, helping with personal branding, reviewing C.V’s, writing content, and styling & creating professional images that convey your ‘personal brand’, as Forbes put it, is the perfect fit for me.

I had the absolute pleasure of working with this motivated client yesterday, to create her professional images for her C.V.

I can’t wait to hear how she sets about ‘making things happen’ for herself.  What an asset to any office and business this woman is – the warmth, connection, professionalism, and approachability she exudes is the real deal!

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Personal Branding gives you Corporate Headshots With A Difference

Personal and Business Branding 

branding and headshots

Friday afternoon’s deluge didn’t dampen the enthusiasm and professionalism of this lovely client.  Teresa arrived for her Corporate Branding Headshot session with an armful of outfits and some props in tow.

Creativity and attention-to-detail were the order of the day.  This real estate expert in her field exuded the professionalism, approachability, and attentiveness she’s become known for.  

branding and headshots

She breezed through the branding and headshot photo session with a wide smile and mountains of enthusiasm.

So looking forward to seeing how Teresa uses her updated images in her work.  Actually, I can’t wait to see how she even begins choosing which of her amazing images to use!

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