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Give Gift Certificates for Mother’s Day!

Give a Gift Certificate

A gift for Mum

Mum, because of you, I know kindness.

‘Twas her thinking of others,

 made you think of her.

Mother's Day

Mums.  Givers of life and so much more.  Mother’s Day is your Mum’s day to be celebrated for just what she means to you.  Her boundless love and support.  It’s a chance for us to share the love! On her special day, give a Gift Certificate towards a photo session or beautiful artwork – photographs are a gift she’ll treasure forever.  She can be in them, or not…

The introduction of our beautifully presented fine art Gift Certificates could not have come at a better time.  Give Mum a Gift Certificate for Mother’s Day, and she will thank you every time she looks at her beautiful photographs.

Most Mums typically shy away from being infront of the camera (or iPhone !!), preferring to let others be in the limelight.  What if I told you I could have Mum relishing every fun-loving second of being photographed?

mother's day

I could make her feel at ease and confident infront of my camera?

She can have the most beautiful photograph of herself or her family that she’s ever experienced?  All the while being pampered and indulged, and then holding exquisite fine art portraits in her hands.  Portraits that those hands will eventually pass down the generations.  To her children, her grandchildren, her great-grandchildren.

Mother Mum

Such is the power of the printed photograph.  Your images will travel farther than you think.

And Mums, what a wonderful legacy those photos will be to have in your family.  One day your children will look for them.

gift certificates

Gift Certificates – give someone you love the gift of a photoshoot or photographic art.

Gift Certificates Immediately Downloadable to Use As She Likes

SQP Gift Certificates start from $100, and besides being gorgeous in & of themselves, they’re just the spark to get the ball rolling and celebrate Mum in images.

You can join with others, and combine several gift vouchers for her to get her started, or build on, or gift a full ultimate package.  There are options to suit everyone.  All Gift Certificates look beautiful and are available to immediately download, but if ordered ahead of time, a beautifully packaged Gift Certificate that hints at the wonderful experience and photos to come will be snail-mailed.

Gift Certificates are valid for use within the coming 12 months from date of purchase, so there’s no pressure for Mum to decide on when to be photographed right away.  That adds to the excitement of receiving such a wonderful Gift Certificate towards both a photo session experience and luxe printed photographic products available only to professional photographers.  There are also no limits on the type of session and products available with a Gift Certificate – you are free to choose what you absolutely love!  She may want to be photographed a la ‘Portrait of A Lady’  in studio, or with others – like her own Mum, her children, or grandchildren. Her girlfriends.  And present her photos in a beautiful wall portrait, album, or Folio Box.

So what are you waiting for?  Give Gift Certificates for Mother’s Day. Let Mum know how loved she truly is.  Motherhood at every stage and in every guise, is something to celebrate!

Take a look at our beautiful immediately and securely downloadable Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate

4 Generations Family Photography Session

4 generations of family photography session

The natural ease, the laughter, & the energy of this family photography  session for a family of 4 generations made for a great afternoon gathering on the Gold Coast.

generations family photo shoot

Encouraged to bring a picnic & make a ‘base camp’ to have our large session from, just look at what this stylish family set up!

Their session ran in the same relaxed, happy way and was such a celebration of wonderful family connection. Editing their images, I can not help but smile, their close bonds and pleasure in each others’ company just shines. I just love being able to capture their connection for them for all time.  Their wall art is surely their new family heirloom!

How will you tell your story?  Take a look here at why it’s so important to actually turn your images into photographs by printing them.

Mother Mum

Mini Photography Sessions for the Kids

Professional photos of your kids.

family photography

Have you ever wanted to entrust capturing your kids’ photographs to a professional photographer – but just never got around to it? Whether you’d really just love to have some pics that are higher res than your phone, or in fact have some beautiful images that you can print & actually hold, & can look at & enjoy for years to come, a mini photography session may be just what you want!

Consider a kids’ portrait mini photo session as a way to ‘dip your toes in the water’ & try out a professional photography session. If you have never experienced a full session of contemporary photography, or if you need the perfect way to regularly update your photos of those fast growing cherubs perhaps try a mini photo session !

Kids’ pics are one type of portraiture that we can’t put off til later.  Those fast growing limbs are not going to wait for us!  You only have to look back at their school photos to see that!

Mini sessions are fast, affordable, & you will have at least 3 images from your mini session.  Images that are professionally taken, styled, edited & can be archivally printed as stunning photographs at a professional lab for you.  Images that you will hold in your hands for ever.  Not only ever existing on usb, computer, or devices!  Your images can actually be photographs.


On location styling shoot – Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photography Sessions for portrait, website, product shoots.

A relaxed, garden-tea inspired set up for a portrait client’s special lifestyle photography session sets the scene for a beautiful on location styling shoot.

When photographing at my home studio our creativity and styling really come to the fore.  I have unique, stylish and contemporary props and set ups to create beautiful looks for portrait, website & socials, and product photography sessions.

Lifestyle photography sessions and styling shoots are a great way to lend your portrait session a relaxed vibe.  And a relaxed you means fabulous images!

Thanks to Original Occasion for the shimmery chandelier & tea lights – they caught the light beautifully, no doubt my client will shine!

To see some of the amazing photos from this lifestyle photography session click here.


Portrait Photography – Exist in Photographs… go on… be captured!


Be captured.  Be captured for All Time.  A milestone.  A smile.  An age.  A  moment.  A gift.  To yourself.  To loved ones.


Quotes testimonials website dorothea copy3

the bub-set wall art

There’s nothing quite like being able to look into the eyes of a loved one.  Bask in their smile.  Revel in memories.

Contemporary photo portraits by SQP

The heady pace of today’s life, for many of us, sometimes means that our world largely revolves around  texts, emails, instagram & Facebook posts – such fleeting communications.  Intangible.  We capture our moments on our phones – where they more often than not stay – either there, or on our computers.  There is no denying that it’s convenient, spontaneous, & available to almost everyone.  It’s a fantastic medium offering immediacy.  But this very benefit can often mean that by overly relying on such a fleeting way of interacting, we can, down the track, find ourselves wishing we had dedicated more time to taking truly beautiful images of those we love & of the moments that make up our lives.

gold coast portrait photography

At times don’t you long  to capture moments of our lives & the people in them in a way that is much more enduring?  In a way that we can enjoy these memories as part of our lives? Experience them for more than just an instant?

family photo shoot

Our photographs can do that for us.  Especially if we print them.  If photographs are professionally printed they can last from 100 years up to 500 years.  They can be displayed, stored, enjoyed daily, & become heirlooms – shared with generations.


The printed photograph allows us to live with our art.  To have a tangible, beautiful print of the people & things we value.  For all time.  A cursory glance as we walk by.  An artful display expressing part of who we are & how we live. A beautiful contemporary portrait  displayed alongside our children’s drawings, or a much loved painting, a flower, a sculpture.  Our everyday life is so much richer & more vibrant when we surround ourselves with beauty & meaning.  Often in the simplest of ways.

portraits sqp

Just Because

Expressing what our relationships mean to us.  Reminding ourselves of the exquisite joy of connection.  An honouring of some of the moments in our lives that bring us happiness.  An expression of what we most value as part of our everyday lives.  Of who we are.  What we love to have around us.

SQP portrait photo shoot gold coast

Think now for a moment… what’s your most treasured printed photograph of?  How do you feel when you look at it?

What’s your most treasured digital photograph of?  Can you even recall all that you have captured digitally, sitting on your computer, your phone, or usb?  When did you last look at it?

When were you last in a photograph?  For posterity? As a keepsake?  For fun?  To celebrate?  Do those you love have to constantly beg you to be infront of the lens?  Do you exist in photographs?

Is there a person or a moment you wish did exist in more photographs?

It is through photographs we can honour the people, moments, times we love.  Honour ourselves for ourselves.  Our partners,  Our children.  Our parents. Our friends.

Be photographed how you have always wanted to be photographed.  The days of the traditional & somewhat stilted portrait hung dutifully on our walls are thankfully gone!  Photography is studied as an art form.  More & more we are all looking to capture the connections.  The details.  The moments.

Nothing quite compares to the personal, tactile feeling of holding a print in your hand, turning the pages of an album, framing a piece of photographic art in your home, bringing a print closer to appreciate the details. Ironically, when compared to seldom seen digital photographs, printed photographs can transport you. This is the power that tactile photographs hold.

print usb box product family photography SQP

Life is certainly beautiful.  It’s exquisite.  Be captured.  Exist in photographs.  Both for yourself & for others.  After all there really is no better time than now.

Mother Mum

SQP print folio box


Exist in Photographs






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