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“Oh the places you’ll go!” – an outdoor photography session in country N.S.W.

“Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” A relaxed outdoor family portrait photography session in beautiful country N.S.W.

outdoor family photo session

Turning eighteen, and graduating high school, – new experiences and adventures await.  

All the love from family and friends that surrounds this lovely girl, she returns in spades.  Gemma’s joyfulness, ready smile and laughter promises to stand her in good stead as she sets off on the next exciting part of her life’s journey.

Time to celebrate your successes and embrace all the new opportunities ahead!

You now have a collection of amazing photographs, professionally printed and all wrapped up in your gorgeous handmade Folio Box.  An outdoor family photography session that was not only a day to remember on location at your Nan’s farm, but that gives you your precious memories as printed photographs to hold forever!  Just imagine how far you, and your photographs will travel…


So very happy we captured these images for you, Gem.


You have brains in your head.

You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself

any direction you choose.

Out there things can happen,

and frequently do

to people as brainy

and footsy as you.

And when things start to happen,

don’t worry.  Don’t stew.

Just go right along.

You’ll start happening too.

~ Dr Seuss.


family photography

Outdoor family photography session SQP

For more information on outdoor photo sessions please get in touch. I’d love to send you my Portrait Guide.

High School Formal Photo Shoot – Celebration Time!

2 Lifelong Friends’ High School Formal Photo Shoot

What a privilege to spend the afternoon with two wonderful families as their young adults – childhood friends – prepared for fun at their high school formal.  From the lighthearted laughter of capturing the hair & make up, to gorgeous moments with mums and their son & daughter, and grandparents helping to pin the button hole flower, and tie an impressive tie knot.  This high school formal photo shoot all happened in their home and captured these friends’ at their relaxed best.  At such milestone moments as these, youth, joy de vivre, family & friendships are the order of the day!

Such happy memories of an afternoon celebration that was brim full of  beautiful connections.

high school formal photo shoot

High School Formal Photo Shoot

High School Formal Photography at Your Home

Celebrate and capture this milestone for your high school graduate with a professional high school formal photo shoot at your home – before you leave for the arrivals!

Until you’ve experienced a high school formal and all the preparations and excitement involved on the day, you probably can’t fully appreciate the convenience of a photo session at your home.  Instead of lining up with hundreds of others for stock standard photos once you get to the event venue, I come to you!

Callum celebrated his Year 12 Formal with beautiful partner, Annelise.  And it was loads of fun doing a high school formal photo shoot for them at their place prior to them heading off to the pre-formal gathering.

Such a relaxed, fun afternoon capturing these two, & their families, in all their finery – completely cool, calm, collected, & looking forward to a great evening.

And before the end of the evening they received a text containing their very own app gallery of their images to save to their phones and other devices, and to post and share.

Packages available.

high school formal photography sneak peek collage

High School Formal Photo Shoot – Celebration Time!

Your Unique Portrait Experience

A Virtuoso in the Making… personal branding session

Personal Branding Session for an Artist

An inspiring young violinist, nature her auditorium, rocks & babbling creek her stage, the magpies her only accompaniment.  Lost in her creativity & expression.  You wouldn’t realise it, but she was in the middle of having a professional photoshoot to capture amazing marketing photographs.

What a remarkable opportunity to capture the beauty of Uno’s spontaneous performance. As if I were a fly on the wall – definitely a case of when the photographer is not director nor guide, but rather a creative permitted to experience such awesome musical talent, as the violinist & her instrument danced on oblivious to either me or my lens.  This was magic!  More than a few passers by were drawn to the music, stopping in their tracks mid power walk – and one even pulled over in their car to enjoy Uno’s talent.   SO MUCH FUN!!!

Marketing Photographs 

This young musician now has marketing photographs to use for her C.V.; orchestra applications; music CD covers and promotions.  Photographs that capture her in her element and convey to her audience all at once her passion, talent, dedication, and vibrance.

“This time I paid close attention to each and every note, to its sound and cadence and meaning, its place in the larger context of the melody. I began by playing carefully, gently, as if each note were a fragile, hesitant breath drawn into silence. As I went on, I let my bow sink ever so slightly into the strings, giving each note a sense of urgency I hadn’t heard before, that I hadn’t seen hiding between all the markings on the staff. The longer notes cried out for a bold, vivid crescendo that would make the room ring, but each time I resisted, allowing the sound to swell ever so slightly before returning it to the place of almost unbearable softness where it had started.”

The Violinist of Venice, A Story of Vivaldi.  Alyssa Palombo.


SQP -  UNO-1-3

SQP -  UNO-1SQP -1-2

Family Photography Session : Mer-Faeries, Magic, & Joyous High Jinx!

Outdoor Family Photo Shoot

An afternoon filled with much laughter & frivolity ensued with this creative family’s photography session amongst the beauty of nature!

With their hair bedecked with bluegum leaves and sprays of yellow blooms, these 2 beautiful young ladies revelled in the joyful singing of Harry Potter lyrics, & frolicking in faery realms!  

Truly joyous & free-spirited sprites, the photoshoot followed wherever they led!  A high energy, inspired, & wonderful afternoon spent with a family who certainly believe in magic!


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