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Newborn Baby Photo Session to welcome Jenson

newborn baby photography Gold Coast

newborn baby photo session

Newborn Baby Jenson

There was lots of wonderful, exhuberant little boy energy at this gorgeous newborn baby session! Baby Jenson’s two older brothers were such a fun inclusion in his newborn baby photo shoot – they were brim full of creative ideas, laughter, and absolute love for their new little brother.

The boys’ creative input for the session saw the idea of their newest addition to the fold, possibly donning a baby bonnet, getting a resounding thumbs down!  It was so funny, I could read it on their faces the second they cast their eyes upon the little hats!!  And with such a beautiful head of velvety hair, the idea of covering Baby Jenson’s little head wasn’t even up for consideration.  The big brothers were also troopers helping with patting and gently rocking their new sibling to settle him after his feed.  So gorgeous to see and so special to capture for all time.

mother and newborn baby

Your Newborn Baby Leads Every Session.

Just for the record little baby didn’t sleep a wink during the entire session!  But just look at the gorgeous images we captured. At SQP all our newborn baby photography sessions are totally baby led.  This means that we will never ever try to force your baby into any poses or environments that they are not happy doing.  We never push on just to get a particular shot.  And if baby needs a cuddle or a feed or a change then that’s exactly what happens.  Your baby’s and your comfort, safety and wellbeing are always our priority.  And our clients love us for it!  Read more about what to expect from your newborn baby photography session here.

newborn baby photography

family newborn photo session

We went between our cosy newborn setting, out into the garden with camera in tow, to run, jump and play while baby was being fed.   I just love that my little clients always feel so comfortable and embrace the creativity of their portrait sessions. We all just go with the flow.  Great things happen when they are comfortable and relaxed and run the show!  And, perhaps best of all, the experience of the session is fun and non-stressful for everyone!

family photography shoot

This is one of the many benefits of being able to photograph my littlest subjects in my relaxed home studio on the Gold Coast.  Mum and the boys’ grandmothers all relaxed in the lounge while bub was photographed, and the big brothers adventured in the yard in between helping out with their baby brother. So awesome.  Little newborn details and all the excitement of welcoming a new baby was captured for this beautiful family.   And using the Gift Certificates bought by friends and relatives, they’ve chosen some amazing print products to display their story.

vintage school map product for newborn family photography

Your Stories.  Our Imagination.

4 Generations Family Photography Session

4 generations of family photography session

The natural ease, the laughter, & the energy of this family photography  session for a family of 4 generations made for a great afternoon gathering on the Gold Coast.

generations family photo shoot

Encouraged to bring a picnic & make a ‘base camp’ to have our large session from, just look at what this stylish family set up!

Their session ran in the same relaxed, happy way and was such a celebration of wonderful family connection. Editing their images, I can not help but smile, their close bonds and pleasure in each others’ company just shines. I just love being able to capture their connection for them for all time.  Their wall art is surely their new family heirloom!

How will you tell your story?  Take a look here at why it’s so important to actually turn your images into photographs by printing them.

Mother Mum

Outdoor Family Photography Session – Brotherly Fun!

outdoor family photography session gold coast

Family Photo Session on the Beach.

When two smiling boys arrive at their outdoor family photography session full of enthusiasm, energy, & imagination – what could possibly be better!  The sun shone, the wind stayed at bay, & the boys revelled in all things superheros, pirates, & the beach.

It was easy to see where the brothers get their happy little natures – Mum & Dad got amongst it all – a beautiful family that played, laughed, & just had a ball in one another’s company.

portrait print SQP

photo product album SQP

Our Family Album made especially to be both handled by little hands and handed down from generation to generation.

Capturing their spirit & joy & playfulness made for a fabulous afternoon of not only taking precious images, but of memory making.

Sometimes my job seems to be about guiding one big play session where my clients are relaxed and almost unaware of being photographed.  That’s when I know that a family photography session has been the best, and that the family will have amazing printed artwork to remember such special times!

family photo shoot

wall art products SQP

family session wall art

Big Family Photography Session – All Together Now!

Extended Family Outdoor Photo Shoot 

Gorgeous extended family photography session on the Gold Coast – walks through the bamboo forest, frisbee on the lawn, meanderings through the garden paths, see-saws & swings.  Oh, & a few images taken in-between!

Three beautiful sisters re-united.  Parents, grandparents, partners, siblings, kiddies, & bubs-to-be!  A fun celebration of family where the newest granddaughter was welcomed home from Canada, & a glowing new mum-to-be embraced with the love only a family can give. So much to celebrate!

A fun relaxed afternoon and amazing photographs to look back on for not only years to come, but to pass on for generation to generation.

family photography wall art SQP

Ziebell sneak peek












sneak peek 2

Family Photography Session : Mer-Faeries, Magic, & Joyous High Jinx!

Outdoor Family Photo Shoot

An afternoon filled with much laughter & frivolity ensued with this creative family’s photography session amongst the beauty of nature!

With their hair bedecked with bluegum leaves and sprays of yellow blooms, these 2 beautiful young ladies revelled in the joyful singing of Harry Potter lyrics, & frolicking in faery realms!  

Truly joyous & free-spirited sprites, the photoshoot followed wherever they led!  A high energy, inspired, & wonderful afternoon spent with a family who certainly believe in magic!


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