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High School Formal Photo Shoot – Celebration Time!

2 Lifelong Friends’ High School Formal Photo Shoot

What a privilege to spend the afternoon with two wonderful families as their young adults – childhood friends – prepared for fun at their high school formal.  From the lighthearted laughter of capturing the hair & make up, to gorgeous moments with mums and their son & daughter, and grandparents helping to pin the button hole flower, and tie an impressive tie knot.  This high school formal photo shoot all happened in their home and captured these friends’ at their relaxed best.  At such milestone moments as these, youth, joy de vivre, family & friendships are the order of the day!

Such happy memories of an afternoon celebration that was brim full of  beautiful connections.

high school formal photo shoot

Branding and Headshots – My Turn to Update Professional Images

Ready for your close-up?

When I noticed that my own personal branding and headshots were in desperate need of updating, I thought I’d try something other than the self timer …

branding and headshots

branding and headshots

So, after almost 10 years, it was high time I updated my own professional images. And since I’m so big on making others feel comfortable in front of the camera, I decided it was time the tables were turned!  Rather than set up my gear for a self portrait where I can control the camera with a remote, I decided to dive in & put myself at the mercy of my 2 teenage children!

Yes, I know, what could I have been thinking?!? Behold the only 2 shots that passed my scrutiny when I had my son wield the camera & my daughter direct my posing … the consensus was that I am a nightmare client!!

branding and headshots

Headshots say so much.

What did I learn?  Firstly, that the ability to help someone relax and connect with you while you have a big professional camera in their face can not be over estimated.  So in a way it emphasised to me that I’m on the right track with all the effort I put into directing and putting my clients at ease.  And all the wonderful positive feedback I get saying just that, really makes me feel like I’m getting it right.

Secondly, professional images or ‘head shots’ demand as much or more care and planning as regular portraits – there’s so much to say in one or two images, – preparation is key.  Know your brand.

And lastly, I learnt that your kids’ favourite images of you are always going to be those blinking, mid talking, funny mouth position, sticky-outy hair ones. So when it comes to branding and headshot images, they are not to be trusted behind the lens!  Seriously, I am very grateful to my 2 creative cherubs – I’m always learning & even more dedicated to making you look, and most importantly, feel your best when being photographed.

I’m an AIPP accredited photographer and I also have a Masters Degree in Business Communications.  I can help you with content and copywriting as well as your headshots, branding strategies, and killer visual content.

Branding Photography -Tunes Without Measure Or End – The Bagpiper

Business Branding Photography Session for The Bagpiper

branding photography

“Let me play you tunes without measure or end.  

Tunes that are born to die without a herald

As a flight of storks rises from a marsh, circles,

and alights on the spot from which it rose.”

branding headshots

A young Gold Coast based musician, Callum Pert, both truly honours and respects the tradition of Scottish bagpiping, while also imbuing his art with a youthful energy that imparts it’s magic to older and younger generations alike.

When his business called for branding photography, the creativity flowed.  There really is nothing quite like the lingering, reverberating music of the bagpiper.  The passion, poise, and centuries old traditional kilt outfit all combine to captivate.

And during our shoot for his website, Callum’s performance certainly captivated every onlooker.

This University student has honed his skill of the pipes over the past 8 years and loves nothing more than to entertain others through the stirring reed instrument. And he also passes his knowledge onto other young people by teaching bagpipes.

Callum seemingly effortlessly displayed this talent during our photo session at the Botanic Gardens.

His command of the bagpipes by the creek on a desperately hot afternoon, drew an eclectic and mesmerised audience – a lovely elderly woman of Scottish origin herself who chatted to Callum and was transported back to her childhood and her mother’s love of bagpipes; and a young boy who planted himself by the creek to absorb the unmistakeable sound of the pipes as he watched a group of ducklings splashing about.  He didn’t leave til we did!

To experience Callum’s command of the bagpipes and the way he translates such an instrument steeped in tradition to the contemporary setting, check out his website – the bagpiper.com.au – and see what he offers.

Whether a ceremony, a party, function, or lessons, Callum’s got talent and enthusiasm in spades.

branding photography

The Bagpiper, Callum Pert.

Maternity and Newborn Photography by SQP – our dedicated space for mums and babies

beach maternity photography session

Exclusive to Maternity and Newborn Photography

Visit Shanon Quinn Photography’s dedicated area for all things mother and baby, here.  This complete site is dedicated purely to our maternity and newborn photography sessions.  You will find all the information you need including when to be photographed, what to expect from a session, and how to prepare for a session.

the bub-set wall art

A wonderful space dedicated to all things pregnancy and baby photography, www.maternityandnewbornbysqp.com is an off-shoot site to this main Shanon Quinn Photography site. It is especially for maternity and newborn photography sessions and related information.

wall art maternity pregnancy

You can also access this space for all things maternity and newborn photography by clicking in the main menu at the top of this Shanon Quinn Photography website. And you can link directly back and forth between the two sites!

The best of both worlds!  Enjoy!

Here are some of our newborn baby photography session blog posts:

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Newborn Baby Photography Session

maternity SQP

folio box print product

hand made paper print

Shanon Quinn Photography – Maternity Newborn & The ‘Bub-Set’

The incomparable beauty and wonder of pregnancy and the newborn.

newborn baby

Memories captured for all time in images.  Images professionally printed. Your photographs and art work for generations to enjoy.

the bub-set wall art

The Bub-Set is our 3 session package for sessions to be used within 18 months – you can choose maternity, newborn, baby, sitter sessions, first birthday cake smash – the choice of type of sessions is totally up to you.

Read more about maternity and newborn sessions here.

wall art products SQP

Click here to visit our space for all things maternity and newborn photography.

You can be assured SQP studio has the highest standard of Covid Safe practices in place. This includes cleaning, sanitising, and re-scheduling of bookings due to illness.

However, if the time's not quite right for you, WE DON'T WANT YOU TO MISS OUT ON CAPTURING YOUR PREGNANCY AND NEWBORN completely.



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