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Website Branding – A Celebrant’s Stylish & Professional Approach to Her Business Captured in Images.

Branding and Headshots for your website are crucial.

No images of you on your business website?  Not sure how to align your images to your brand?  How to confidently engage with the camera to truly reflect you & your brand?  SQP offers branding and headshots for your professional profile and business.

A Personal Branding Session helps you define your brand and then capture amazing images to tell your audience just what you stand for.  Your online images are often the first impression someone gets of your business, and never before have they been more crucial to your brand and growing your business.

Starting with “WHY you do what you do?” & communicating what sets you apart, is how this Personal Branding Session began – and all before the camera even appeared!  I help with the visuals and the written copy and content.

Photographs and written content for your business.

After bidding on the photo session at a charity auction to raise funds for the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation, Vicki, a celebrant, decided to invest in her business, Victoria’s Ceremonies, and have some professional photos taken for her marketing and website.  This warm & engaging woman brought so much fun, creativity, and style to her shoot.

After designing the shoot to capture just how Vicki wanted her business and personal branding to be perceived, and a little insider coaching on how to engage with the camera, – I think you’ll agree with me that she simply exudes style, grace, poise, & professionalism – all wrapped up in warm-hearted fun!  Whether marriage, or naming ceremony, Vicki’s got this, & you’re just going to love how she presents, and how very relaxed she makes you feel.  

I’m so looking forward to sharing all of Vicki’s images with her, & seeing how they elevate her website.

Thank you for such a great session full of fun Vicki, and for entrusting the capture of your images to me.

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A Virtuoso in the Making… personal branding session

Personal Branding Session for an Artist

An inspiring young violinist, nature her auditorium, rocks & babbling creek her stage, the magpies her only accompaniment.  Lost in her creativity & expression.  You wouldn’t realise it, but she was in the middle of having a professional photoshoot to capture amazing marketing photographs.

What a remarkable opportunity to capture the beauty of Uno’s spontaneous performance. As if I were a fly on the wall – definitely a case of when the photographer is not director nor guide, but rather a creative permitted to experience such awesome musical talent, as the violinist & her instrument danced on oblivious to either me or my lens.  This was magic!  More than a few passers by were drawn to the music, stopping in their tracks mid power walk – and one even pulled over in their car to enjoy Uno’s talent.   SO MUCH FUN!!!

Marketing Photographs 

This young musician now has marketing photographs to use for her C.V.; orchestra applications; music CD covers and promotions.  Photographs that capture her in her element and convey to her audience all at once her passion, talent, dedication, and vibrance.

“This time I paid close attention to each and every note, to its sound and cadence and meaning, its place in the larger context of the melody. I began by playing carefully, gently, as if each note were a fragile, hesitant breath drawn into silence. As I went on, I let my bow sink ever so slightly into the strings, giving each note a sense of urgency I hadn’t heard before, that I hadn’t seen hiding between all the markings on the staff. The longer notes cried out for a bold, vivid crescendo that would make the room ring, but each time I resisted, allowing the sound to swell ever so slightly before returning it to the place of almost unbearable softness where it had started.”

The Violinist of Venice, A Story of Vivaldi.  Alyssa Palombo.


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