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Newborn Baby Photography Session

newborn baby photo session

Meet beautiful newborn baby Ella Josefine.

This adorable bundle was photographed in her newborn photography session this week, and she shone brightly.

“You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars.”

She snuggled in organic hand dyed silks made just for her session.  Ella’s Mumma loves soft pinks and mint greens so that’s how we styled both the maternity and newborn photo sessions.

Simple styling, minimal props, and pure newborn baby newness.  Baby Ella graced us with her perfect newborn beauty.  

newborn baby photography gold coast

Such a privilege and a joy to photograph Ella in all her tiny newborn splendour – from the velvety swirls crowning her head, to her delicate fingers and little toes.  So very precious.

beach maternity photography session

It’s amazing to think that  only a month or so ago, I was photographing baby Ella’s mumma’s beach maternity session.  Together the maternity and newborn session images are an incredible way to document this lovely family’s new baby love!

beach maternity photo session

newborn baby photography session

the bub-set package

The “Bub-Set” Package

SQP’s most popular package is by far The Bub-Set.  This 3 photography session package includes maternity, newborn, and sitter sessions at a discounted price.  The combination gives you beautiful photographs from pregnancy, of your newborn, and your growing baby at around 7 months or  their first birthday.  Combine photos from baby’s first year into one collection and build a 3 piece wall art gallery of their little journey!  It will always be among your most precious pieces of art.


the bub-set wall art

print your photographs

Newborn Baby Photo Session to welcome Jenson

newborn baby photography Gold Coastnewborn baby photo session

Newborn Baby Jenson

There was lots of wonderful, exhuberant little boy energy at this gorgeous newborn baby session! Baby Jenson’s two older brothers were such a fun inclusion in his newborn baby photo shoot – they were brim full of creative ideas, laughter, and absolute love for their new little brother.

The boys’ creative input for the session saw the idea of their newest addition to the fold, possibly donning a baby bonnet, getting a resounding thumbs down!  It was so funny, I could read it on their faces the second they cast their eyes upon the little hats!!  And with such a beautiful head of velvety hair, the idea of covering Baby Jenson’s little head wasn’t even up for consideration.  The big brothers were also troopers helping with patting and gently rocking their new sibling to settle him after his feed.  So gorgeous to see and so special to capture for all time.

mother and newborn baby

Your Newborn Baby Leads Every Session.

Just for the record little baby didn’t sleep a wink during the entire session!  But just look at the gorgeous images we captured. At SQP all our newborn baby photography sessions are totally baby led.  This means that we will never ever try to force your baby into any poses or environments that they are not happy doing.  We never push on just to get a particular shot.  And if baby needs a cuddle or a feed or a change then that’s exactly what happens.  Your baby’s and your comfort, safety and wellbeing are always our priority.  And our clients love us for it!  Read more about what to expect from your newborn baby photography session here.

newborn baby photographyfamily newborn photo session

We went between our cosy newborn setting, out into the garden with camera in tow, to run, jump and play while baby was being fed.   I just love that my little clients always feel so comfortable and embrace the creativity of their portrait sessions. We all just go with the flow.  Great things happen when they are comfortable and relaxed and run the show!  And, perhaps best of all, the experience of the session is fun and non-stressful for everyone!

family photography shoot

This is one of the many benefits of being able to photograph my littlest subjects in my relaxed home studio on the Gold Coast.  Mum and the boys’ grandmothers all relaxed in the lounge while bub was photographed, and the big brothers adventured in the yard in between helping out with their baby brother. So awesome.  Little newborn details and all the excitement of welcoming a new baby was captured for this beautiful family.   And using the Gift Certificates bought by friends and relatives, they’ve chosen some amazing print products to display their story.

vintage school map product for newborn family photography

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First Birthday Cake Smash Photo Session – Meet the Birthday Girl!

The Prettiest Ever First Birthday Cake Smash Photo Shoot

first birthday cake smash photo shoot

Lot’s of gorgeous girl power at this soiree yesterday! Come and join this little girl’s first birthday cake smash photo shoot. Think fun confetti balloons that looked like they were filled with cherry blossom petals, frothy blush tulle, & a 100’s & 1000’s sprinkled cake made especially by Daddy!

Every shade of pink from shell to fushia transformed our studio’s little sunny garden into a joyous outdoor party space.  So much fun!  Even her Mummy donned a party skirt.

mum daughterfamily portrait cake smash

If I could give you any gift

I’d give you Love & Laughter,

A Peaceful Heart, A Special Dream,

& Joy Forever After.

cake smash

The Bub-Set Package

Her cake smash photo shoot was the final session of this little cherub’s special multi-session package – I’ve been lucky enough to capture her mummy’s maternity, her newborn baby session, and sitter session also. What a truly magical 12 months!

wall art the bub set

Sitter Sessions for Baby – Full of Sparkle!

sitter photography sessions

Sitter Photography Sessions for when Baby is around 8 months old.

8 months old and full of fun and giggles! – sitting up unassisted, interacting, rolling around and playing with her toes.  Not quite crawling … so I have a captive – & captivated – audience.

Such fun playing dress ups with my cheeky cherubic muse Miss Layla yesterday.   Sitter sessions are among my favourite.  If you’ve missed the boat with having professional newborn photos captured – let’s face it those first few days, weeks, and months, can go by in a blur!! – consider a ‘sitter session’.

Sitter Sessions are more like a Mini Session

At the time they are sitting up on their own, baby’s personality is developing as is her love of connection.  She’s not yet in the shy stage, and the world around her is full of fun and interest.  Sitter sessions for baby at this time are mini sessions and can be captured in a much shorter time than newborn baby sessions. Sitter sessions are the perfect follow on from a newborn baby portrait session.  And that’s why SQP designed our 3 session The Bub-Set package to include them! Great variety and great value.

wall art products SQP

Baby’s usually so intrigued with the session, that I can get some amazing expressions, in a shorter session time. And… she can’t yet take off on a whim!  For these reasons, photos at the 7-9 month age are just a delight.

sitter sessions sqp

If you’d like to see some more of my baby images, and find out more about sitter sessions, please click here, or email me here.

Maternity and Newborn Photography by SQP – our dedicated space for mums and babies

beach maternity photography session

Exclusive to Maternity and Newborn Photography

Visit Shanon Quinn Photography’s dedicated area for all things mother and baby, here.  This complete site is dedicated purely to our maternity and newborn photography sessions.  You will find all the information you need including when to be photographed, what to expect from a session, and how to prepare for a session.

the bub-set wall art

A wonderful space dedicated to all things pregnancy and baby photography, www.maternityandnewbornbysqp.com is an off-shoot site to this main Shanon Quinn Photography site. It is especially for maternity and newborn photography sessions and related information.

wall art maternity pregnancy

You can also access this space for all things maternity and newborn photography by clicking in the main menu at the top of this Shanon Quinn Photography website. And you can link directly back and forth between the two sites!

The best of both worlds!  Enjoy!

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maternity SQPfolio box print producthand made paper print

You can be assured SQP studio has the highest standard of Covid Safe practices in place. This includes cleaning, sanitising, and re-scheduling of bookings due to illness.

However, if the time's not quite right for you, WE DON'T WANT YOU TO MISS OUT ON CAPTURING YOUR PREGNANCY AND NEWBORN completely.



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