Hello there, I'm Shanon. I'm a professionally accredited photographer based on the Gold Coast, available for travel between Brisbane and Byron Bay, and now booking.

My goal is to use my training and skills and give you not only the best photograph you've ever had of yourself, but also a great experience when you are having those photos taken at your portrait session. It's all about a relaxed you, and it's all about fun!

I believe in printing our images. Holding tangible prints in our hands. Displaying them in our homes. Living with what we value most, and with what brings us joy, all around us. Passing them down. Not merely loading onto our hard drives, phones, or a usb.

Capture your stories. Tell them. They can travel farther than you can imagine.



I work with the play of light & shadow & movement to create something that will bring joy to your day & be treasured long into the future.
I create art for you that reflects what you value & love. Your moments, memories & connections. Your stories.
I do what i dowhy

Your Stories. Our Imagination.