About SQP

Hello, I’m Shanon. I am a contemporary portrait photographer. I’m also an artist and a writer. Within my love of all portraiture, I am trained and specialise in maternity and newborn; family; and business branding also.
So from baby bump to newborn, toddler to children and family, to website professional headshots – and everything and everyone in between! – I’m trained and skilled to have you loving your images for a long time to come – and loving your experience of being photographed.

Have you always wanted a photograph of yourself, and of those close to you, that you not only love, but that you absolutely loved having taken? A photo session that captures you at your best and makes you feel relaxed and excited to be a part of? Confident that the photographer knows not only their craft, and will deliver something beautiful and uniquely you, but is also able to subtly direct you, and capture an incredible portrait while you are concerned with nothing other than relaxing in the moment, and having a ball? Hmmm, sound too good to be true?

Be prepared to absolutely love your experience of having photos taken. Yes, really. I’ve got this, and all you have to do is revel in the experience of being photographed by a professional who makes you feel relaxed, and thoroughly enjoy the whole experience. No fuss. No pretence. I’ll guide you through the entire experience with ease and laughter. I promise you’ll come out the other side having had an incredible creative time of it!

You and your littlies collecting shells on the beach, little hands in yours. You and your partner embracing and full of smiles – capturing a connection that’s indescribable. Your mum, you, and your daughter, together embodying the strength, love, and female bonds that make us who we are. Moments captured. Feelings transformed into your priceless photographs that take pride of place in your home. Your connections. Your photographs. Your style.

Prepare not only to love having your photo taken, but to have images that mean the world to you. And that is truly something that will last a lifetime – yours and your children’s – no selfie, nor photo only ever stored on your phone or device can ever, ever compare.

As an AIPP accredited professional photographer, & an artist, – an observer & interpreter at times – I’m drawn to the beauty, wonder & awe in life, – in all it’s luminosity & shadows, it’s sharp relief & muted edges.
Infused with energy, connectedness, & a sense of honouring & revealing my subject, my images also maintain the air of mystery, spontaneity & intrigue that has us, as the viewer, truly wondering about the stories behind them.
Your uniquely beautiful stories which captivate. Garner your admiration. Your aspirations. Your delight. Your sense of humour. Change you just a little bit each time you look at them. Through a smile. An expression. A colour or a line. A time. A place. A memory. Your memories.

Beauty – & the Extraordinary – is in the eye of the Beholder. You are the Beholder. So welcome!

If you are about to welcome a new baby into your world, please take a wander over to my dedicated website for maternity and newborn photography  here.

Paul Caponigro
“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.”

Your Stories. Our Imagination.